Looking to add some whimsy to your everyday mundane?


Presenting our Kullad & Glass Covers that come with a built-in coaster so your tabletops are protected!!!


Kullad covers that add pizzazz to your earthy kullads and also protect your finger tips while holding piping hot tea or coffe.


And the fun doesn’t stop there, as these covers also work brilliantly with glasses and make your juice glasses look, ‘garden-party ready’. Plum juice, anyone? 


Please Note: These covers are sold as a set of 6 pieces


Material: 100% Cotton Yarn




  • All our products are handcrafted and, therefore, minor unintended imperfections are only natural
  • The pictures are shot at home in natural light. Consequently, there could be minor colour variations depending upon the viewing device

Kullad & Glass Covers

  • Height: 4 inches

    Diameter: 4 inches