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A Mother-Daughter team, we at Knotty 'n' Krafty Studio, handcraft unique home décor accents that are sure to add style to your spaces and pizzaz to your gifting!

Given the stress and pressures of everyday life, our endearingly quirky products are created to combine aesthetics with functionality, because whimsy matters. 

We believe a beautiful home embraces those who live in it and improves their health, happiness and well-being, in a way that ensures a lighter footprint on the planet. Our products are handcrafted with almost zero wastage and are reusable. The packaging material is largely recycled and biodegradable. In addition, we are constantly looking at adopting ways in which we can become increasingly eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our core values of Beauty, Fun, Learning, Connection and Generosity are what we constantly strive to live by in the products we make, how we make them, how we get them to you and how we service you.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you!!

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