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Vibrant colours and pretty flowers is what makes these beautiful baskets so festive!!


This sturdy basket is a great size for your showcasing your green treasures, or for making a tuck basket for your guest room with essentials for them or for keeping your favourite books in your cozy reading nook.


It makes a brilliant basket for the kids' room to store their knick knacks (especially those small pieces that you only your barefeet can find - OUCH!!)


With the festive season around the corner, these festive baskets will make excellent gifts. Buy it for yourself or for your BFF, mom and watch them smile W-I-D-E!


Please Note: The picture above is a 6 inch by 6 inch Festive Spirit Basket


Material: 100% Acrylic Yarn + Jute Twine. Fast colours




  • All our products are handcrafted and, therefore, minor unintended imperfections are only natural
  • The pictures are shot at home in natural light. Consequently, there could be minor colour variations depending upon the viewing device

Festive Spirit Basket

PriceFrom ₹1,050.00
Taxes Included |

    Height: 4 inches

    Diameter: 4 inches


    Height: 6 inches

    Diameter: 6 inches


    Height: 8 inches

    Diameter: 8 inches


    Height: 10 inches

    Diameter: 10 inches


    Height: 12 inches

    Diameter: 12 inches

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