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Nani ke haath ka… I have fond memories of using crocheted glass toppers that my grandmother had patiently and painstakingly crocheted (something I only understand now). Making these Daisy Beaded Glass Toppers helps me recreate the nostalgia and rediscover the charm of an era gone by… While these Daisy Beaded Glass Toppers are a testament to tradition, skill and timeless beauty, they are also a great way to keep those unwanted guests (read insects and dust) out of our favourite summer beverage… Oh and the Daisy Motif, gives them a modern twist. I hope you like them! 😊

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor soirée, a festive gathering, or simply enjoying a quiet moment on your patio, these covers are designed to keep your drinks pristine and free from unwanted guests. The delicate crochet work, combined with the lustrous beads, adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion, making every sip a delightful experience!!


NOTE: Price listed is for TWO Glass Toppers. To order more, please enter the number of SETS OF TWO you'd like to order under 'Quantity'


Material: 100% Cotton Yarn. Fast colours



  • All our products are handcrafted and, therefore, minor unintended imperfections are only natural
  • The pictures are shot at home in natural light 
  • Consequently, there could be minor colour variations depending upon the viewing device


Daisy Beaded Glass Toppers (Set of 2)

Taxes Included |
    • Diameter: 6 inches
    • Beads - 12
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